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Alpari review: How good is the broker? – Test for traders

  • Regulated by the FSC
  • Easy deposits and withdrawals
  • Fast order execution
  • Demo account available
  • 250+ trading instruments

Finding the right broker for you might be difficult since many brokers are available and provide similar products. Besides many brokers, there might also be the fear of falling into the hands of fake Forex brokers and getting duped. These two, among many others, are why people don’t know how to find the right broker for themselves.

Alpari is a Forex broker that has been available for some time now. Is it time for you to join the broker’s platform? Is it a great broker to join and start trading on?

Don’t worry because this review contains detailed information about the Alpari forex broker. Ultimately, you will decide whether the broker is worth trading on.

The official website of Alpari
The official website of Alpari

What you will read in this Post

What is Alpari? Quick facts about the broker

Reliability on Alpari

Part of the brokers that came out in the 90s is Alpari. The broker was established in 1998 by three fintech individuals in Russia. The brokerage firm has its main office in St. Vincent and Grenadines, offering financial securities to traders from most regions worldwide. The broker is available in 150+ countries with over 1,000,000 active clients on its platform.

The broker has regulations, which are normal to know just how good a broker platform is. Alpari operates a platform that treats every trader. Equally, there is no preference for some kind of traders from a certain region to another, and there is no form of financial fraud by the broker to the traders.

The official logo of Alpari

Alpari is a broker with one of the least minimum deposits in the Forex industry. It’s no wonder there are so many traders trading on the platform. Traders also get a good platform to trade on. The platforms offer the traders some of the best trading tools and help to perform quick and more precise trades on the broker.

The broker provides different account types for the traders to choose from, and they have a demo account in case they want to train. The broker compares most Forex brokers in certain ways. This broker is a good starting point for new traders because of its various features. Lastly, Alpari has different awards, one of which is winning the best forex broker for 2022.

Regulation: – Is Alpari regulated?

The official logo of the FSC (from St. Vincent and Grenadines)

Alpari is under the regulation of different financial regulators. The regulators in charge of overseeing the activities of the broker are internationally recognized. The two financial regulators supervising Alpari are FSC (from St. Vincent and Grenadines) and FSC. The financial regulators are in charge of ensuring Alpari’s platform is functioning correctly and without manipulations. 

Alparis investment dealer license by the FSC

Remember that we mentioned how difficult it is to find the right forex broker, especially because of fraudulent ones. One of the ways one can know if a broker is legit or not is if it has a regulator. The financial regulators in Alpari broker show that the broker is legit and can be trusted by the traders.

The official logo of the FSC in Mauritius

The financial regulator enforces regulations in several ways. One is that the regulators ensure traders’ interests are put first. The broker must not conduct its activities in any way that will affect the traders negatively. The broker must also work to ensure that the traders’ funds are secure and safe. Making sure that nothing affects their fund.

Security measures for traders and their money

Advantages of Alpari

There are, of course, security measures for the traders on the platform and their funds. Part of the security measures put in place is the different account policies. The traders’ funds are kept in a different account from the broker’s own. This way, the money that belongs to the traders and the broker does not get mixed up. Traders have the security that their money is always safe no matter what. 

Alpari international regulation by the Financial Commission

Security for traders comes from having a broker that is not partial. Alpari’s platform is transparent, charging the same fees to all traders. The only thing that may make the difference is the type of account the trader uses to trade. The broker must ensure that the trading fees are known this way. They know how and why they are being charged. 

Another form of security for the traders trading on the platform is that Alpari has existed for more than 19 years, with many customers trading on its platform. Seeing the number of traders on the broker and how long the broker has lasted proves that the broker is not a scam. The regulation that governs the broker is very important. 

Trading fees: How much does it cost to trade on Alpari?

Withdrawal fees on Alpari

Trading and non-trading fees are the two main sources of a broker’s trading commission. Spreads, commissions, and funding rates are all possible sources of trading fees. These are just a few methods that brokers use for personal gain. The average EUR/USD pip starts at 0.4 pips. This spread is modest compared to some brokers available today. The starting spread for the same currency pair can be as low as three pips.

However, the broker does not charge traders for withdrawals or deposits for non-trading fees; however, depending on your chosen payment method, fees may still apply. For example, using a direct bank transfer may incur additional fees. Another non-transaction fee that traders may incur is inactivity on the platform for some time; however, the broker is prohibited from deducting funds from a trader’s account with no funds.

Overnight trading fees are assessed. Traders are in a position to trade. There is a swap-free account available on the broker. Traders from Islamic or Muslim regions are not charged for placing trades overnight on the broker. The Alpari fee structure is clear and accessible on the broker’s website.

Swap fees for overnight open trades:Apply. The swap fees are usually tight and can be calculated by the formula:

SWAP = (Contract × (InterestRateDifferential + Markup) / 100) × Рrice / Days Per Year
Management fees:No management fees
Transaction costs:Spreads from 1.2 pips and commission on selected accounts
Inactivity fee:$5 per month for 6 months of inactivity
Deposit fee:No deposit fees
Withdrawal fee:Usually no withdrawal fee, but for some withdrawal methods fees apply.
Market data fee:No market data fee

Test and review of the Alpari trading platforms

On the platform, various trading platforms are offered. When registering on the broker’s platform, traders have the option to choose one of them. Fortunately, all trading platforms have positive reviews, but some have more than others. You can check out many accessible platforms in this domain.

  • MT4
  • MT5
  • Mobile Trader 
  • WebTrader

MT4 (MetaTrader 4)

MetaTrader 4 platform on Alpari

Both mobile devices and web browsers can access the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Almost everyone involved in forex trading for a long time is familiar with the platform. Since MT4 was conceived and launched in 2000, several upgrades to the platform have been made to make it more user-friendly for new traders. On the site, traders can trade several types of assets. Due to the user-friendly interface of the platform, most traders use it. It is very simple to use and trade, thanks to the interface.

MT5 (MetaTrader 5)

Alpari MetaTrader 5

However, MetaTrader 5 is not as popular as MetaTrader 4. It is not the fault of the platform. Compared to MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 is an upgrade. The updated version of MetaTrader 5, which offers more technical features, will make it easier for traders to make trades. Trades can be made with MT5 faster than with MT4.

Mobile Trader 

Mobile trading on Alpari

If you prefer to trade more frequently on your mobile device or if you’re constantly on the go. Only the mobile app, which can be downloaded from your mobile store, provides access to the platform. The mobile trader is downloadable on both the AppStore and Google’s PlayStore. Mobile Trader users have access to many of the same resources and technological resources as users of other platforms. On a mobile device, you can also swap copies with the vendor. An excellent demo account is available to the mobile trader, who can utilize it to practice trading.


Alpari WebTrader

Both mobile and desktop browsers offer flexibility with the WebTrader platform. Once you are logged in to your trading account, you can easily access the platform by trading. Making trades on WebTrader is very simple. Many properties are available to sellers, encouraging them to use the site. Along with the diversity of asset classes, traders also have access to trading tools that make it easier to execute trades. Another platform used by traders is WebTrader, which requires no download. You can access the platform after logging in.

Review of Alpari’s trading offers and conditions

The broker is accessible to more than 50 trading instruments from stocks, binary options, forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Depending on the trader’s account type, there are different spreads and leverages on each asset. Alpari has some of the best spread types in the forex industry. Let’s look at the conditions of the instruments. 


How to trade stocks on Alpari

Stocks are one of the easiest assets to trade on the broker’s platform. A stock is a part of a company’s share that it is willing to sell to the general public. Stocks do not have so many risks since they can be monitored easily. Stocks on the platform include Amazon.com and Apple. These are just part of the stock available on Alpari’s platform for trade.

Stock assets:600+ CFDs on US-Stocks
Leverage:Leverage up to 1:3000 available on Alpari, but the maximum leverage depends on the chosen asset.
Trading costs:Vary, depending on chosen asset
Availability:During trading hours

Binary options 

Binary Options are not available on most broker’s platforms but on Alpari, you have access to trade many of them. Binary options are one of the easiest options to trade. Traders place trades by simply choosing the assets and selecting ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Assets traded in the binary options markets have different fees from spreads and commissions. 

Binary options:Available
Leverage:Leverage up to 1:3000 available on Alpari, but the maximum leverage depends on the chosen asset.
Trading costs:Vary, depending on chosen asset
Availability:During trading hours


Forex spreads on Alpari

Forex currency pairs are tradable assets on every forex broker’s platform. Forex is a common asset and an easy market to monitor. Traders enjoy a spread of 0.4 on major pairs. This is a tight spread as not all brokers offer major pairs. Traders can learn how to trade forex with the demo account this broker offers.

Forex assets:46+
Leverage:Up to 1:3000 on major forex pairs
Trading costs:0.4 pips spread on major forex pairs
Availability:During trading hours


spreads for metals on Alpari

Commodities on the broker come from both minerals and agricultural produce. Metals are also tradable on the broker. Metals such as gold and silver have high liquidity, making them good to add to your trading portfolio. Oil is available, and traders can trade coffee and corn as agricultural commodities. Commodities are low-risk assets that traders should consider adding to their platform. 

Commodity assets:5+
Leverage:Leverage up to 1:3000 available on Alpari, but the maximum leverage depends on the chosen asset.
Trading costs:Vary, depending on chosen asset
Availability:During trading hours


Spot indices such as NASDAQ 100 can be invested in. The indices come in vanilla and CFDs. If the traders want, they can train themselves in learning this asset with the demo account. Your spread type and leverage will differ depending on the platform and the account type you are using to trade. 

Index assets:Spot indices are available
Leverage:Leverage up to 1:3000 available on Alpari, but the maximum leverage depends on the chosen asset.
Trading costs:Vary, depending on chosen asset
Availability:During trading hours


Cryptocurrencies on Alpari

The cryptocurrency market might be challenging because it’s impossible to predict when a decline will occur. On the trading platform, cryptocurrency is available. From popular cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH to alternative coins, the broker has them all. Before trying to trade the platform, whether through CFDs or Vanilla assets, traders should do an extensive study.

Cryptocurrency assets:5+
Leverage:Leverage up to 1:3000 available on Alpari, but the maximum leverage depends on the chosen asset.
Trading costs:Vary, depending on chosen asset
Availability:During trading hours

How to trade on the Alpari platform

MetaTrader 4 chart on Alpari

Trading is simple to accomplish on the platform. You must decide which instruments you want to include in your inventory after you have logged into your trading account. When you have decided which assets to include, you may want to quickly investigate them to be sure that they are what you want. It may be tough deciding what financial security to trade with, take your time and focus.

You can choose the asset you want to trade when opening a position with your broker. Then you can choose where to stay on the chart. Indicators help you determine the best trading positions on your charts before opening a position. Find the instructions for setting up a position, the amount to use to open a trade, and the timeframe. As soon as you click the trade button, it will open there.

Trading indicators on Alparis MetaTrader 4

Funding your account is necessary before you may trade on the Alpari platform. Make trades on our site using this money. After placing a deal, keep an eye out for any little market movements that can negatively impact it. Please cancel the transaction if you detect this modification and believe it should be abandoned.

If you want to practice trading on the Alpari platform, use a demo account to trade. A demo account is a simulation to learn how to navigate the platform, use indicator tools, etc. The platform’s user interface is intuitive. Aside from the demo account, as a beginner, there are educational materials for the traders to use for free.

How to trade forex on Alpari

How to trade forex on Alpari

To finish the account creation process, validate your trading account to prepare it. Finance your trading account after verification. Only accounts with funds in them can engage in trading. Choose the particular currency pair that you want to list on the market.

You will then be able to choose the number to use to put a trade on the market. The minimum quantity to put a trade on any quality, as well as forex on Alpari, is $5. Set however long you wish to carry the mercantilism position. It’s doable to trade Forex long. once you are prepared, click the trade button and watch however the market goes.

Keep a watch on the market; as a result, the market is often dynamic. Watching the market is very important to grasp once to bail out of a trade and learn from your previous mistake if the trade ends badly. You’ll be able to solely benefit from mercantilism forex once you have the proper prediction. Once predictions aren’t correct, the merchandiser winds up having a loss.

How to trade binary options on Alpari

How to trade binary options on Alpari

Alpari has binary options that it offers its traders. The binary option is one of the fastest markets to trade in, and it is also easy. Traders who want to trade this asset on the platform must ensure they have a trading account with the broker, as this is the only way to access binary options assets. Creating an account is easy, so go to the website to create your trading account.

Depending on the market, you’ll have to be compelled to decide whether or not to remain or finish the trade. Usually, once it’s going well, you’d keep and see your prediction to the tip, but if not, you’ll get to abandon it before the time elapses. Leaving the trade before the time elapses typically leads to not having a complete loss on the quantity you staked.

Traders are allowed to trade binary options on the practice account. Traders will use the demo account to understand how binary options works and the way to trade them on the main target choice live platform. Like the live account, traders have the same number of options assets. A profit or a loss with the demo account does not affect the trader’s live account. 

How to trade cryptocurrencies on Alpari

Trading cryptocurrencies on Alpari

Alpari requires that you open an account before you can trade cryptocurrencies. Immediately after you open your account, deposit money into your trading account because you’ll need it to trade. Choosing a cryptocurrency to trade with will require you to fund your trading account.

The procedure for opening a position in the bitcoin market is identical to opening a position in the foreign exchange market. When the pop-up window displays, place your position on the chart and input the trade amount. You must also make clear how long you want the trade to last. Of course, when trading, you must also choose whether to buy or sell.

After placing a trade, every trader should keep an eye on the market. You can halt a deal if it is not to your advantage. In this manner, your loss won’t be a total loss. Before trading in any cryptocurrency, you need to know sufficiently about the currency as a trader. You can reduce the potential hazards linked with it in this way.

Copy trading platforms allow traders to imitate how other traders trade. In addition, to copy trading options, traders can practice trading cryptocurrencies and other assets using their demo account. 

How to trade stocks on Alpari

You need to have an account with the broker to access the different trading assets on the broker’s platform, just like with FX and cryptocurrencies. To trade on the site, accounts must also have money in them. Click on the stock and choose Buy or Sell to trade any stock. Create a trading position on the chart, enter the trade amount, and choose the trading period. Depending on your position on the chart, you will either make a profit or a loss once the deal is concluded.

The program allows copy trading, so after choosing the stock you want to trade, look at the leaderboard to see who is the best stock trader. Select the option that suits you best and enter the appropriate amount to make a trade. In a few seconds, you will start copying trading strategies. On the Alpari trading platform, you have the opportunity to practice with a demo account.

How to open your trading account on Alpari

How to open a trading account on Alpari

The broker’s account opening process is simple and completely digital. Go to the website and select “register” when ready to create your account. Before accessing their trading accounts, traders must undergo a three-step verification process. The open account button will direct you to a web page where you can enter your country when clicking on it. You can continue by selecting the Start Registration button after entering your country.

You will then need to complete the Alpari KYC form as the next step. The trader’s full name, contact details, email address, date of birth, and password are all listed on the form. The KYC form has several steps after this one. Merchants should fill in this field correctly to avoid future problems, such as failed account creation.

You must verify your trading account before using your real account. The broker will ask you to provide official documents that your home country’s government has authorized. It will take time for the broker to verify the accuracy of your information once it has been submitted. You can deposit to your account once it has been validated, and you can access your live trading account. Start trading on a real account after depositing to get paid by the broker.

How to copy trade on Alpari

Advantages of copytrading on Alpari

If you are looking to start trading and are not sure you are confident enough or do not have the time to follow up on the financial market, you might want to consider copy trading. For one, all your trades will be copied from professional traders, which will be done automatically. 

With Alpari copy trade, you can imitate the trading positions of successful traders on the platform and make a profit as they do. All you have to do is follow these traders, and your account will replicate their trades automatically. 

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Register on Alpari to set up your account, but if you already have an existing account, then go on and log in. 
  2. Consider your investment needs, and then choose your strategy manager (a professional or master trader)
  3. The next step is to verify your account. In most cases, a code will be sent to your email address or a link you can verify. 
  4. Finally, now that your account is set up, just wait to make a profit as your strategy manager trades. 

Account types of Alpari

Account types and trading conditions on Alpari

Traders can select from a variety of account kinds. When registering with Alpari, traders have the option of selecting accounts. This section will examine the various account kinds, characteristics, and distinctions. Standard account, micro account, ECN account, and Pro account are among the account kinds offered by Alpari.

Standard Account

The account type is available for traders using the MetaTrader 4 platform. Traders with this account type have a minimum deposit that starts from $100. This is the best kind of account for new traders and professionals. The traders have access to technical tools that can help them easily trade. Aside from the tools, the account type has a demo account they can use to practice. Assets start with average leverage of 1:1000. There is also no commission on this account type. 

Micro Account

The micro account has the least deposit amount. Traders with this account type can deposit $5. This account type is good for new traders because of the amount of deposit and the accessibility to several assets the broker has to offer. The micro account user can use the demo account while it is available, and the transaction execution is quite fast. The spreads for this account type are from 1.7 pip, and the leverage is fixed at 1:400.

ECN Account

The ECN account has both the MT4 and five platforms available to traders. The minimum deposit of this account type is $500. However, the traders are charged a commission fee for every execution they make. The leverage on assets starts from 1:1000. The ECN account has more assets and technical tools than the micro and standard accounts. The execution here is based on how the market moves. The ECN account is good for professional traders who want fast execution.

Pro Account

The pro account has the tightest spread with 0.4 pips. Traders can choose whatever asset they want to trade with, but the minimum deposit is $25,000. This account type has the highest amount of deposit. The pro account has many advantages that those using the other accounts cannot access. The pro account has customer support that answers in their local language. 

Can you use a demo account on Alpari?

How to open a demo account on Alpari

Yes, Alpari offers another type of account called a demo account. Sellers can access the demo account after completing the Know Your Customer form. The demo will expire if the seller does not use the demo during this time. The broker puts $5,000 of play money into the account. Before using their live account, traders can use it to practice as much as they want. A demo account is no different than a dummy account used to introduce new clients into the trading environment.

Alpari demo account registration process

How to login into your Alpari trading account

Traders must log in to their trading account to access their trading account after verification. Your account is already set up, so you can access it immediately.

To access your trading account:

  1. Click the login button when you are on Alpari’s website. You will need to enter your email address into the broker.
  2. If you can’t remember, click the Forgot password option.
  3. After selecting the Forgot Password button, fill in the screen with the information requested by your broker. You can also use it to log in and get a chance to change your password.

After logging into your trading account, you can add funds and start trading on the site. Select the item you want to exchange. Even after login, you will still have access to the demo account if it is not expired. 

Verification: What Do You Need, and How Long Does it Take?

Verification process on Alpari

Once you’ve created your account and want to access your real account, it’s time for verification. Check intervals vary. However, the window should be between 1 and 2 days. In some regions, the trader’s time is 24 hours. In some regions, merchants must wait considerably longer for accounts to become available.

Merchants require government-issued documentation as part of the account verification process to verify the accuracy of the information provided. As part of the process, you will need to send Alpari a photo of your identity document and another proof of residency document. National ID and National Passport are just two examples of IDs that merchants can provide. Agents require traders to take a photo of a utility bill as proof of residency.

Available payment methods for deposit and withdrawals

Available payment methods for deposit and withdrawals on Alpari

It is common to accept payment methods for deposits and withdrawals offered by digital brokerages to their customers. When you are ready to deposit or withdraw, choose a comfortable payment option. Don’t pick just one for it.

Examples of payment methods are:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card/Debit card
  • E-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin Cash, etc
  • Cryptocurrency 

How to deposit money – The minimum deposit explained

How to deposit money on Alpari

After creating and validating your live account for use, you need to fund your trading account before you can start trading the account. Don’t worry; depositing money into your trading account is simple. You have to click the deposit button first. If you do this, you will need to select a payment option on the next page. You can use any payment option as long as it is accepted in your area.

After creating and validating your live account for use, you need to fund your trading account before you can start trading account. Don’t worry; depositing money into your trading account is simple. You have to click the deposit button first. If you do this, you will need to select a payment option on the next page. You can use any payment option as long as it is accepted in your area.

Deposit bonus

Currently, the broker does not offer any deposit bonus on its platform. Brokers can, however, receive bonuses from other aspects such as cashback and referral. 

Withdrawal review- How to withdraw your money on Alpari 

How to withdraw money on Alpari

Depending on your payment method, withdrawal can take 1-3 business days. Traders are not charged fees to transfer money from their accounts, nor are brokers charging traders directly. However, merchants may be charged fees for using certain technologies. I have. For example, withdrawing money using a bank transfer has associated costs. Make sure you are logged into your account before withdrawing funds from your account. You can click the withdrawal button and choose the withdrawal method and the amount you want to withdraw.

Customer support for traders

An overview of the contact information for the customer support on Alpari

The broker’s customer support is closed on weekends, so Alpari’s trader support rating stays around three stars. Only available weekdays from 4 am to 9 pm. Customer service is communicated in various languages, but there is still room for improvement. Customers can contact support by phone, live chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, email, and telegram.

The broker has a FAQ section on their site for traders who need quick answers. Our standard FAQ contains some of the most common inquiries from our company’s customers. The contact page allows you to view this page. Below is the agent’s customer service contact information clients can reach out to.

Contact Info 

  • Phone number – +44 2045 771951
  • Email – [email protected]
  • Website – www.alpari.com/en/company/contacts
  • WhatsApp – +4420 3129 3799
  • Telegram – https://telegram.me/Alpari_official_bot
Customer care number:Email support:Live chat:Availability:
+44 2045 771951[email protected]Yes, availableOn weekdays from 4 am to 9 pm

Educational material – How to learn trading with Alpari

An overview of the educational resources on Alpari

As one of the few trading platforms, the broker provides its users with free, high-quality educational resources. On the Alpari platform, clients can take advantage of free live online lessons to learn how to trade properly and even improve as a trader. Trading guides and resources are available to help traders navigate the forex market. Helpful. Additionally, traders can access demo accounts for free. A demo account allows you to practice what you have learned. The course material follows industry best practices, so the broker is recognized as someone who values ​​trader growth.

Additional fees on Alpari

A “rollover” fee is charged for holding positions on weekends and nights. A trader who does not use his trading account for more than a year will be charged $5 or its equivalent in another currency. Inactivity costs are substantial compared to other brokers that can charge up to $50 or $100. 

Available countries and forbidden countries

Alpari is accessible in some countries but not others for regulatory and jurisdictional reasons. Below are some countries allowed to trade on the broker’s platform.

  1. South Africa 
  2. Nigeria
  3. UK
  4. India
  5. Kuwait
  6. UAE
  7. France
  8. Germany

Italy, Hong Kong, Ukraine, the United States, and Canada are territories where the site does not accept transactions due to laws and jurisprudence.

Conclusion – Alpari is an established broker that offers excellent trading conditions

Awards of Alpari

Alpari has strengths and weaknesses, but the good news is that the former outweighs the latter. One of the best trading platforms is Alpari, which is well-regulated. International licensing companies are responsible for regulation. 

This proves that the broker is at least legit. The unique platform of the broker’s website allows the trader to enjoy copying his trades. One of the best things about trading is that it allows traders to use an uncomplicated platform. These are just some of the advantages of using a broker.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Alpari:

Is Alpari a scam or legit?

With so many authorities overseeing this broker, it cannot be illegal. There have been no complaints from consumers claiming the broker has treated them unfairly, and the broker has proven its legitimacy. This is a trustworthy broker.

Is it safe to trade with Alpari?

Of course, the funds of both the trader and this broker are safe. Brokers are responsible for keeping traders’ money in separate accounts from their own. Client funds are thus protected. Brokers are obliged to return the funds lost by their clients.

What are the bonuses available on Alpari?

There are several Bonuses offered on Alpari currently. Alpari has a referral bonus and promotion, which helps traders earn just by referring a friend or even more. Aside from the referral bonus, there is a cashback bonus worth $5. This cashback bonus works when traders make a trade on the platform. They get a cashback worth $5 on every trade.

How does the referral program work?

Alpari’s referral program is easy to use. Clicking on promotion will take you to the referral program. Click it to get started. You must create a referral link to join the referral program and receive bonuses. You can share this link with your friends and family via email or social media. Send the link to others as soon as you get it. You and the person you invited will receive the bonus when the person you sent the bonus to clicks on your link, registers for an Alpari trading account, and executes a trade from the live account. Your trading account receives the bonus account deposit and can use it to execute trades.

How good are Alpari’s educational resources?

This broker has great learning resources. They are high quality and designed to improve a trader’s understanding of forex trading. Its educational tools are excellent because they are free and of high quality.

Are there islamic accounts on Alpari?

Yes, traders from Islamic states have access to an Islamic account. This account type is called a swap-free account. The reason is that, unlike other account types, this account is not charged too much or at all for holding overnight trading positions. 

How long does the demo account last?

On Alpari, the traders have access to the demo account for just one month after Registration. The demo account is free, and the traders have access to different platforms like MT4 and five, depending on the account type that they choose for the demo account.