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Forex.com review – Should you sign up or not? – Broker test for traders

  • MT4, MT5, Mobile Trader, WebTrader
  • Regulated by FCA, ASIC, CFTC, IIROC
  • Free demo account
  • Various asset classes are available
  • Low forex fees

Traders who want to choose a forex broker should look out for certain conditions. These conditions should help them shape their choice of broker. Part of the conditions is if the broker is offering what they want, if the broker has good trading conditions and if the broker is legit. These are just some of the conditions you may want to remember.

Forex.com offers financial securities to clients on its platform. Is the online broker good for you? Is the broker good? What are the trading conditions? And is it even regulated? This review will cover most of your unanswered questions about Forex.com. Without delay, let’s start the examination of this broker.

The official website of the broker Forex.com
The official website of the broker Forex.com

What you will read in this Post

What is Forex.com? – Quick facts about the broker

Forex.com trading platforms on laptop, mobile phone and tablet

Forex.com started in 1999, becoming one of the earliest forex brokers in the industry. The broker offers its traders more than 7000 tradable assets. The traders can trade assets from stocks, FX pairs, indices, CFDs, Commodities, and many more. Traders also enjoy good trading conditions with the broker.

The broker has offices in different parts of the world, including the US, Japan, the UK, and Japan. The forex broker’s main office in the US accepts traders from over 150 countries. The broker has won many awards to its name, showing that the broker is a good one for new traders who want to join the platform.

The official logo of Forex.com

 Forex.com offers traders a learning environment. To help new and even professional traders excel in Forex trading, the platform allows traders to access some of the best information on how to trade forex. The learning environments come from webinars and articles for the traders. 

Forex.com has a customer support that constantly helps traders whenever they have questions. Customer support is available throughout the week, but they, unfortunately, have a closing time, meaning they are not available during the weekdays. Customer support communicates in different languages allowing the users to communicate with them in their local dialect.

Is Forex.com regulated? – All regulations

The official logo of the Financial conduct authority (FCA)

Yes, Forex.com is under the regulation of more than one financial regulation. The broker has licenses from the countries in which it has its branches and Headquarters. The broker is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), ASIC, CFTC in the US, and IIROC (a regulation instance from Canada). These regulators make sure that Forex.com follows the rules that they lay down. 

The official logo of the IIROC

Thanks to the regulation, the broker must ensure that funds belonging to its traders are kept in a different account. Another way the broker enforces its rules is that Forex.com should have a good trading platform with positive conditions for the traders. They should offer a transparent platform for new and old traders to perform their trades. Fees are not hidden because the traders should know the trading conditions on the platform.

The official logo of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

Security for traders and their money

Every trader should know the broker’s security measures to protect them and their funds. That way, traders can feel safe doing business with the forex agent. For security reasons, the broker stores funds belonging to its clients in an account separate from their own. That way, any financial problems that arise if the broker and trader use the same account can be avoided.

In a way, Forex.com also defends the traders’ ability to trade on the site by protecting their funds. Traders are not subject to financial abuse by brokers as part of safeguards to protect their rights. Price manipulation and broker theft are two examples of his financial exploitation. Authorities control the broker to ensure he works in the right order.

Review of the trading offers and conditions of Forex.com

Trading instruments on CMC Markets

As Forex.com is a brokerage firm, it offers its users access to digital products through its platform. Traders can choose from over 7000 tradable assets. This is a staggering number, considering how few brokers offer so many assets to their clients.

The trading assets offered by the broker are:

  • Currency pairs 
  • Stocks
  • Crypto
  • Indices 
  • CFDs
  • Commodities 

Currency pairs

Forex spreads on Forex.com

Forex exchanges one currency for another. To increase profits, traders can trade various currency pairs. Forex.com customers have access to generous spreads and asset leverage. Easy to follow, forex is a great asset to have in your portfolio. Trading currency pairs involves risk, but that risk is still greater than any other asset traders use.

Currency pairs:80+
Leverage:The default leverage setting of the Forex.com platform is 1:50. Leverage of the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 accounts can be reduced to 1:10 and 1:20.
Trading costs:Spreads from 0.5 pips
Availability:During trading hours


Spreads for commodities on Forex.com

Commodities are assets made from natural resources such as agricultural products and energy. Forex.com offers clients a huge selection of instruments to trade. Leverage and spreads vary depending on the product you trade. Commodities can be traded as futures, CFDs, etc., by traders. Commodities available through brokers include gold, silver, and oil.

Commodity assets:Huge selection of commodity assets
Leverage:The default leverage setting of the Forex.com platform is 1:50. Leverage of the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 accounts can be reduced to 1:10 and 1:20.
Trading costs:Vary, depending on the asset
Availability:During trading hours


Spreads for shares on Forex.com

The broker offers a wide range of stocks on its platform. Traders enjoy trading stocks with a very tight spread and no commission fees. The stocks come from many big commercial companies with high liquidity. Stocks available are Apple, Nvidia, Coca-Cola, Amazon.com, etc. The stocks are good assets to add, the risks involved are not high, and they can be easily managed.

Stock assets:Wide selection of stocks available
Leverage:The default leverage setting of the Forex.com platform is 1:50. Leverage of the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 accounts can be reduced to 1:10 and 1:20.
Trading costs:Vary, depending on the asset
Availability:During trading hours


Indices on Forex.com

Clients can trade CFDs and over 20 indices from vanilla on the broker’s site. Available indices represent these fast-moving market indices. The available leverage depends on the account the trader uses to execute the transaction, giving the trader a significant advantage when trading that particular asset. Depending on the account type, Aus 200, China 300, 50 EUR, and other indices are tradable, among others.

Index assets:20+
Leverage:The default leverage setting of the Forex.com platform is 1:50. Leverage of the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 accounts can be reduced to 1:10 and 1:20.
Trading costs:Spreads from 0.5 points
Availability:During trading hours


Brokers offer CFDs in a variety of formats. They can come from currencies, stocks, or foreign exchange. There are various commissions and spread fees associated with each asset when trading.

CFD assets:Variety of CFDs available
Leverage:The default leverage setting of the Forex.com platform is 1:50. Leverage of the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 accounts can be reduced to 1:10 and 1:20.
Trading costs:Vary, depending on the asset
Availability:During trading hours


Typical spreads for cryptocurrencies on Forex.com

Today, virtually all brokers offer cryptocurrencies to their clients. This is due to the strong demand for cryptocurrencies among traders around the world. XRP, DOGE, BTC, BNB, and other cryptocurrencies are examples of cryptocurrencies offered by Forex.com. The broker’s trading platform makes it easy for traders to trade cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency assets:8+
Leverage:The default leverage setting of the Forex.com platform is 1:50. Leverage of the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 accounts can be reduced to 1:10 and 1:20.
Trading costs:Vary, depending on the asset

Test of the Forex.com trading platforms

Comparison of the trading platforms on Forex.com

The broker offers several designed trading platforms available for trading on their platform. The broker has its platform, among other well-known platforms for web and mobile traders. Users on Forex.com’s platform can easily use it. Let’s take a closer look at the broker’s different trading platforms.

MetaTrader 4

Forex.com MetaTrader 4 on a laptop device

Most forex brokers use the MetaTrader 4 platform, making it very popular with traders. It was one of the first trading platforms to help provide traders with access to an exceptional trading environment. The platform has several advantages, among them an abundance of useful features that make trading easier and more accurate. The user-friendliness of the MT4 platform is an added advantage. The broker’s selection of tradable assets is available to traders.

The broker’s MetaTrader platform is accessible from PCs and smartphones, so traders can always access it from various gadgets. The MT4 platform is available on the application for those using their phones. 

MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 4 desktop platform on Forex.com

MetaTrader 5 functionality is more sophisticated than MetaTrader 4 as an upgrade. Easy to use and understand, this platform was created to give traders the best possible trading experience. Many financial assets that Forex.com offers are free to use.

Like MT4, MT5 can be used on computers and mobile devices. The platform can be used by traders to execute trades and can be accessed via mobile apps and web browsers. Below are other attributes of this platform.

Mobile Trader

Forex.com mobile app

The platform can only be accessed from mobile devices, and iOS and Android users can access it through the Appstore and Google Play, respectively. This program is free to download and offers many benefits to its users. The mobile version of Forex.com offers the same features and trading options as other platforms. MetaTrader’s trading platform is included in the platform. The user interface is easy to use and has detailed navigation. Programs are available in many languages, depending on the dealer’s location.


Forex.com WebTrader

WebTrader is another platform that is accessible on Forex.com. This platform does not require any download because it is used on the browser. WebTrader offers the traders different indicators to help them set precise trading positions on the chart. The platform is accessible to traders of any account type, and the assets on it are many, giving traders more than one trading asset to open the market with. The WebTrader is easy to trade on and designed to make the traders have a goal to make profits without distractions. 

How to trade on the platform Forex.com

The forex.com metatrader 4 web platform

Trading on the platform is easy. Go to Forex.com’s website and create or login into your account to access the platform. When you access the platform, you must select a product for your portfolio. Once you’ve decided which assets to include, do a little research to ensure they’re the best fit.

When starting trading with your broker, you can choose the assets you want to trade. Doing this allows you to choose the positions you want to keep on the chart. You can use the indicator to choose the best trading position on the chart before setting the position. After setting the position, the amount to open the trade with, and the time limit, confirm the operation. Clicking the trade button opens your will there.

How to trade on the forex.com platform

Before you can trade the assets available on the platform, you need to fund your account. This is the money you use for trading on the platform. After placing a trade, keep an eye on the market for minor changes that may adversely affect your trade. Please stop trading if you notice this change and decide to abandon it.

You can use a free demo account if you want to learn how to trade on the platform with any asset. Besides the demo account, Forex.com has educational resources that the traders can access on the website. Webinars are also conducted, so new and old traders can get the chance to learn new things about the platform and the assets.

How to trade forex on Forex.com

Forex trading on the forex.com metatrader 4 web platform

A trader’s first step is to open an account with a forex broker. After creating and accessing your account, check the currency pairs available on the broker’s platform. However, before starting to trade, traders should research forex and learn how to trade. Traders can also use a demo account before using a live account.

After learning about forex currency pairs, traders must choose their favorite currency pairs on the platform. As we have seen above, Forex.com has many of these, and clients can choose which ones to add to their portfolios. Once the trader has decided on a currency pair, he needs to decide on his position in the market. On the other hand, traders can use the trading tools available on their platform.

The MetaTrader 4 order mask on Forex.com

Enter how much you want to use to complete the transaction, and double-check the amount before confirming. Your position on the chart will be displayed after you confirm the process. This means you have opened a market in your currency pair. Monitor the market to make sure it is doing well.

Traders can learn more about forex and how to trade forex with the help of educational resources on the platform. These resources help a lot. Besides the resources, traders can learn how to trade forex on the demo account. The demo account is one of the best ways to learn how the platform functions while trading forex currency pairs.

How to trade binary options on Forex.com

Regrettably, binary options cannot be traded with the broker. Forex.com does not allow traders to access binary options instruments on its platforms. They can trade other assets like forex, stocks, indices, and more on its platform. Binary Options are considered assets with very high risks, and traders might lose money easily while trading this asset because of how quick the market is to change.

How to trade cryptocurrencies on Forex.com

Available cryptocurrencies on Forex.com

Wanting to trade cryptocurrencies is similar to trading forex on the Forex.com platform. First, traders need to open a trading account with a broker. Once your account is set up, do thorough research on cryptocurrencies. Understand the risks involved in trading them, the best cryptocurrencies to trade, and when to trade.

The next step is to fund your trading account so that you can start trading. After depositing your trading account, you can select a trading position from the chart. In the chart, enter the amount you want to open the trade with and the duration of the position you hold. Night trading is popular, but there are fees for night trading of cryptocurrencies.

After making a transaction, track its progress. The purpose of checking the progress of a transaction is to make sure everything is going according to plan. Otherwise, you can cancel the transaction. Copy trading is not available on the platform, so traders can not use copy trading on forex.com for cryptocurrency.

If you’re a new trader, practicing how to trade crypto with the demo account is best. The demo account functions like its live account, so you must ensure that you practice with it before trading with your live account. Besides the demo account, as a trader, you can use the educational resources on the website. 

How to trade stocks on Forex.com

Brokers make stocks of companies available to their clients. Traders can choose any of them and start making money. However, before a client can start trading stocks, he must first open a trading account with a broker and have a specific stock in mind. Please note that spreads and leverage will vary depending on the type of stock you choose.

Choose stock instruments if you have funds in your trading account. Select a trading position on the chart with the amount and period of the trade you want to open. The platform includes various technical indicators that help traders take better and easier trading positions.

How to open your trading account with the broker

How to open a trading account on Forex.com

The trader must visit the official website to open her trading account on the broker. When you open the webpage, click on the open account button at the top of the computer screen. After clicking the button, the first page you will access is the different account types available on the broker. You are expected to open an account with any of the three accounts provided by Forex.com. 

The registration process should take just about 5 minutes. When you click on it, the broker will open up a form for you to fill out. The form contains your name, address, date of birth, title, email, phone number, and country of residence. Once you fill in the information, click the continue button to proceed to the next phase.

Application form on forex.com

The next phase contains more information about yourself. Your occupation, investing experience, income, etc. make sure that you answer judiciously while filling out this part of the information. The broker will use the information you provide in this form to access your final registration process.

The last point of registration is the verification process. The broker will request certain documents for you to submit. Once you submit them, you will have access to your live account. However, it takes one day for the verification process to be complete. So during that time, you can start using the demo account to practice. 

The account types of Forex.com explained

Comparison of Forex.com trading accounts

When you want to register, you will notice that the broker will allow you to choose from 3 different accounts. These accounts have access to the different trading platforms that the broker has. Traders have to pick the one that fits them best, which is why we will explain the different account types in this section.

Standard Account

The standard account is good for all traders who are starting out and want to join the platform. Whether you’re new to the forex market or have been trading forex for a while now, the standard account has mild trading conditions that almost every trader can handle. 

The standard account type has a tight spread from as low as 0.8 for EUR/USD currency pairs. Traders who use this account do not have any commission fee. The traders can place trades overnight, and they can even use the demo account that the broker provides. Standard account traders have access to the MT5 platform, which is a very good trading platform.

Commission Account

The commission account even has lower trading costs than the standard account. This account is accessible to both the MT4 and five trading platforms. The spread for EUR/USD on this account starts from 0.2 pips. 

Commission account traders can access a demo account they use to practice on the platform. Besides that, traders have access to over 80 trading indicators. They can use the indicators to place better positions on the chart. Commission account users have access to the broker’s different assets for its traders’ use.

DMA Account

DMA stands for Direct Market Access. This account type is best for institutional traders. Trading with this account type offers a lot of advantages to traders. One advantage of this account type is that it gives the traders high liquidity assets and access to all the tradable instruments that the broker provides. This account type has the tightest spread with zero commission. Direct information on how the market is moving. Like the other two, this account type can use the demo account and all the trading platforms that the broker can provide. 

Can you use a demo account on Forex.com?

How to open a demo account on Forex.com

Yes, investors on Forex.com can use a demo account. The demo account is available immediately after the trader registers on the platform. This account is furnished with the aid of using the dealer so that new buyers can learn how the brokerage firm’s platform works. The demo account is a first-hand experience of the platform.

The demo account has zero risks involved for the traders on the platform. Professional buyers use practice accounts to check new trading strategies. They can lessen the threat related to the usage of their existing account in this manner. The demo account has already been loaded with fictitious cash for the investors to trade with.

The practice account is great for learning new things before committing to a real account. This account lasts for just one month.

How to login into your Forex.com trading account

How to login to a forex.com trading account

The login button on the Forex.com homepage is visible. Only traders who have a trading account with the broker can access their accounts. A drop-down menu with empty fields will appear when traders click the login button. Users must enter the email address and password they used to create the account.

Traders can log into the different platforms and choose either MetaTrader 4 or 5 directly from the login page. This is a great feature, as traders can set up their trading accounts before logging into them. If you’re logged in, and can’t access your account, click on the forgot password link on the login page. When you do, follow the instructions to help you retrieve your trading account. Not just anyone can log in to your account because a two-step authentication security helps keep your account safe. 

Verification: What do You need, and how long does it take to get verified on Forex.com?

Verification on Forex.com

During your registration process, Forex.com requires all its new applying traders to submit some documents that verify the information they have filled out. The documents you need to submit are proof of identity showing your name, age, sex, date of birth, and profile. The proof of identity can be your national ID Card, International Passport, or Driver’s license. Besides the document of identification, traders need to submit a residency document. The proof of residency shows where they live currently. Such a document can be the trader’s utility bill.

Once you are done submitting the documents, the broker will do their part in verifying your account. This verification procedure may take a day or two, depending on factors. You must ensure that the pictures you are taking of the documents are clear to avoid any delay in the verification period. 

Available payment methods for deposits and withdrawals

Deposit fees on Forex.com

Traders must select a payment method before withdrawing or depositing funds into their accounts. This is normal, especially because you are trading on a digital financial platform.

The payment methods available include the following:

  1. Visa Card
  2. MasterCard
  3. Bank transfer
  4. Skrill
  5. Neteller

How to deposit money on Forex.com – The minimum deposit explained

How to deposit money on forex.com

The minimum deposit for Forex.com’s basic account is $100. The minimum deposit will vary depending on the account type you are using to trade. Funding your trading account on the broker is simple. When you go to the website of the broker, login into your account, and select the ‘funding’ button on the platform, which will take you to a new page.

On the new page, you will be able to choose from the different payment methods above. Select one from them. When you do, a pop-up will appear requesting that you enter the amount you want to be withdrawn. Within a few moments, your money will reflect in your trading account, and you can begin to place trades on the broker’s platform.

Deposit Bonus

There is a welcome bonus on the platform that allows traders to earn up to $5000 when they fund their account within the first 14 days of joining the broker. Before traders can also get the bonus, they must meet some trading requirements. To apply for this bonus, go to the bonus and promotion page on Forex.com’s website and register to get it. 

Withdrawal review – How to withdraw your money on Forex.com

How to withdraw funds on Forex.com

To withdraw money from your trading account, go to the website and login into your trading account. When you do, select funding which will take you to a new page. On this page, the trader is to choose the payment method that he or she will use to withdraw from the account. It is advised for traders to choose the same payment method they use to fund their accounts. When they do, they should enter how much they want to withdraw.

The withdrawal process should take 1-3 business working days before you receive it in your payment option. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100 while the maximum is $25000. Traders can, however, withdraw excess money from their accounts, but they will need to provide some documents on the broker’s platform.

Support for traders on Forex.com

How to contact the support on Forex.com

The customer support for Forex.com is impressive to an extent because the broker provides call and email support from Sunday to Friday. However, the support starts at 10 AM in the morning and ends at 9 PM at night. The call support can communicate in different languages, making it easy for traders to easily communicate with the support team for assistance. The email also supports multiple languages, but they have a slow response. The traders can chat on the live chat section provided on the website. The live chat is quite fast. 

Besides having the support above, traders have a quality FAQ section where the broker has answers to most questions traders want to ask. Some examples of the FAQ are: How to withdraw funds, how to deposit funds, how to login into your account, etc. 

Contact information

  • Email Address – [email protected]
  • Phone Number – +1 877 367 3946
  • Website – https://www.forex.com/en-us/support/
Customer care number:Email support:Live chat:Availability:
+1 877 367 3946[email protected]Yes, availableSunday to Friday from 10 AM in the morning to 9 PM in the night

Educational material – How to learn trading with Forex.com

Education section on Forex.com

Besides, the platform offers many educational materials for traders. The demo account is one of the first. Demo accounts exist to familiarize traders with the trading platform. Traders can also visit the platform’s blog. The blog contains information about cryptocurrencies, stocks, trading times and market resources to help traders know enough about the asset before trading.

The platform has webinars and courses to help traders improve their trading skills. The resources are free and valuable. FAQs can also help traders learn how to trade and navigate the platform. Expert traders organize the webinars on the platform, and they share useful tips that can help a new trader develop his or her trading skills. 

Additional fees on Forex.com

The broker has additional fees that come from holding trading positions overnight. Traders who do not close the market before the day trading ends will be charged an additional fee for holding trade until the next day. Besides overnight trading, trading fees can come from withdrawal. Some withdrawal methods may cost the traders money to use their medium to send money out. The broker operates a transparent platform, which means that there should not be hidden charges that the traders do not know of. 

Swap fees for overnight open trades:Yes, apply – Depending on asset
Management fees:No management fees
Account fees:No account fees
Inactivity fee:$15 per month for inactivity over a year
Deposit fee:No deposit fees
Withdrawal fee:$25 for withdrawals within the US, $40 for international withdrawals

Available countries and forbidden countries

Since the broker is not licensed to operate in certain regions, it is not available to all customers who wish to trade on its platform.

The following countries are among those that can be traded on Forex.com platform:

  1. Niger
  2. US
  3. New Zealand
  4. Burundi 
  5. Angola
  6. Austria 
  7. Argentina

Countries that the broker cannot accept include Nigeria, Yemen, and Zimbabwe. These countries, amongst some other regions, cannot trade on Forex.com’s platform. 

Conclusion – Forex.com is a well-regulated and safe broker

Awards of Forex.com

Now that you know all that the broker has to offer let’s recap some of the merits and demerits that come with using this platform. Opening your account with the broker is simple. You don’t need any professional help as the registration process is straightforward. 

Traders have access to unique trading platforms such as MT4 and MT5. On top, people can access multiple financial assets on the broker, giving traders the ability to have enough choices when it comes to adding a particular asset to their portfolio. The broker is even regulated, ensuring security for the traders.

The demerits are that the initial deposit starts from $100, which, when compared to some industry forex brokers, the amount is high. There is no swap-free account for the traders in Islamic regions, and lastly, the broker’s customer support is unavailable 24/7. Though the customer support’s availability is better than some industry brokers, it still lacks it in its availability.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) of Forex.com:

Is Forex.com a scam or legit?

This brokerage firm is not a scammer. Forex.com was founded in 2001, and this broker has never been accused of cheating its customers. Brokers even have internationally recognized regulators. These regulators show that brokers are legal. If Forex.com discriminates against its customers, regulators sanction the broker for violations. However, since its creation, the broker has been open and honest with its clients.

Is Forex.com safe?

Yes, traders can rest assured that this broker offers a safe trading platform. The broker should follow the rules and ensure that traders are happy trading on their platform.One way to ascertain the safety of a broker you choose to trade with is by confirming how regulated they are. Forex.com is a highly regulated broker. These regulatory bodies help to ensure that traders’ funds are safe. 

Can I copy trade on Forex.com?

No, traders cannot participate in copy trading. Copy trading is impossible as the platform technology does not currently support copy trading. However, the broker offers traders sufficient trading instruments and technical indicators. It makes trading easier for traders than trading without tools.

What are the bonuses offered on Forex.com?

Forex.com offers its traders both referral and welcome bonuses. The welcome bonus is only accessed when the trader makes a deposit into their account. The trader will need to register for the bonus and meet some requirements on their platform before getting the bonus worth $5000. 

The referral program is when you invite a friend to trade on Forex.com through a link, but just like the welcome bonus, some things must be done before you get the bonus. These things include your friend actually signing up through your referral link and performing a trading activity on the platform. 

How can I trade indices on Forex.com?

Traders can trade indices easily on the broker. You have to own a trading account with the broker. Once you open your account, you will have access to trade whatever asset you wish. However, select the index you want to trade. You will be able to trade pure indices and CFDs of indices. 

Load your trading account with money. You must fund your account money. So make sure your trading account has some funds to perform trade. Select the index and then choose the position you want to trade it. Once you put the position, confirm the amount you want to trade with and how long you want to hold the trade. When everything is set, confirm it.

When you confirm the process, your trade is set. Don’t forget to continue monitoring the market so that you can know if the trade is a success or if your prediction is wrong. If it is wrong, abandon the trade and start a new one or take a break.

Is Forex.com available to US traders?

Yes, US citizens can trade on Forex.com’s platform. The broker accepts US citizens, which started in 2001, two years after its creation. The broker also has an office in the USA and New Jersey, to be precise. 

What is the best platform to trade on?

Forex.com has different platforms for traders to use. All of them provide functions that benefit the traders one way or another. Most people wonder which platform it is to trade on. The best trading platform will be MT5 because of its number of indicators available. Aside from the indicators, traders have access to multiple trading assets on the platform. The MT5 is user-friendly and easily accessible.

Who owns Forex.com?

Currently, the StoneXGroup is the owner of Forex.com. The company is a financial organization that offers financial services to corporations and individuals. The company’s stock index can be bought on Forex.com’s trading platform. The company has a Net Income of $169.6 million.  

You can still go ahead and get more information about this broker on their website. Before you start trading, do well to read their terms and conditions to see if it fits into your investment needs.